We are a community and gallery for/with art lovers and open-minded, passionate people. We offer space for everybody to work, experiment, exhibit, collaborate, discuss and simply live. 
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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

The idea for Kaalo.101 is based on the need for an open, non-commercial and creative space for a diverse community. We, as an artist and a teacher of arts and philosophy, are deeply rooted within any form of arts and creative expressions of artivism and also the project itself is connected very much to those perspectives. Nepal lacks within all its capitalistic growth and social instabilities a room for exchange and empowerment of young people from different backgrounds and struggles.

We want to propose an access for young creatives from Nepal to materials, working and living spaces as well as professional, but at the same time individually adequate exposure of their work. Therefore we rent a house in Nagbahal, Patan in a traditional and historical setting. Within that house not only artists come together: People like social activists and the Newari community from the area are participating in the project. We want to offer a secure and open home for anybody, who accepts and seeks our support.

We organize educational workshops, meetings, exhibitions and events to bring people together and support their cause. Therefore we are well aware of the context of Nepal and want to find sustainable and long-term approaches according to the local society. With the artists Kaalo.101 will be working not only within the space, but use public spaces and other contexts connected to different organizations and the local community to promote our connective approach through art like wall paintings, exhibitions and performances.

Bringing all this together the project Kaalo.101 wants to create an archive of Nepali artivism and remaining footprints of the highly diverse contemporary society to connect them with alternative visions for the future.


Support the living, not the dead!

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KAALO. 101

You can find us at Nagbahal, Patan, Kathmandu.